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OVERLAP PRODUCTIONS  produces documentaries and fiction films.


produces documentaries and fiction films 


produces documentries and fiction films

Furthest Point (2022)

Feature film, 90 min

Women Cook Up (2018)

Documentary, 8 min

My Dad and Nuclear (2021)

Documentary, 13 min

“Being Russian – when your country invades another” (2023), documentary, 40 min

“Furthest Point” (2022), feature film 90 min

“My Dad and Nuclear” (2021), documentary, 13 min

“Women Cook Up” (2018), documentary, 8 min

We are Overlap Productions

Overlap Productions is run by us, Milda Rönn and Adam Strömdahl Östberg.

Overlap Productions is a part of Praxikon AB. Praxikon was established in 2009 to help organizations with their communication practices. As part of that, we produced various types of informational videos. However, over time, we also started making independent documentary short films and eventually even a full-length fiction film.

Therefore, in 2021, we decided to form a subsidiary for our film production: Overlap Productions.